• 9th Praski Half Marathon
  • 7th September 2024
  • Piątka Praska



    No matter if you will reach the finish line of the 4F Praski Half Marathon or the 4F Praska Five accompanying it, we will be happy to give you a medal. We believe that our Praski event will be pleasantly remembered. But why not save the result … on the medal?

    Once again, in our runners camp, set up on PGE National Stadium commons, company GrawerBus prepared the zone called GrawerZone, and in it as many as 8 engraving machines. The cost of engraving the time result reached at the finish  line, name or a dedication, is PLN 15.

    It will be the first such a large engraving zone in the history of Polish runs, and efficient service is guaranteed by the fact that a separate point of payment will be created, so that the service is as fast as possible. You can pay by cash, by card, by mobile phone, by watch and even by BLIK.

    The engraving zone will be created in exactly the same place as during the 2018 edition. You will certainly find it easily!

    More about medals HERE.

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