Timing of runners

Timing of runners during the Praska Five in Warsaw will be done by Datasport:

Starting numbers and timing chips

Electronic chips are built into the starting numbers and are known as electronic starting numbers. Electronic starting number which runners will pick up at the event’s office will be ready to use and does not require any additional actions by the runners. During the race the number must be attached to the chest or stomach where it is visible. All modifications such as bending, tearing, or covering the number are prohibited. It is disposable and doesn’t need to be returned at the finish line.

A net time classification

All times will be recorded based on the runners net time, calculated from crossing the start line to crossing the finish line. The exception will be the first 50 runners who will be timed starting with the first gun at the start line.

Runners are to line up in appropriate zones at the start, in accordance with their skills and physical condition while keeping in mind that the time spent on waiting is not a waste of time and that the conditions on the actual route will be superior.

Presentation of results

The results are sent to the participants via a text message, presented on the big screen by the finish line and available live via the internet portal, the address to which will be provided on the website a week before the run.

Disputing your result

Any potential discrepancies in the times should be sent to sport@datasport.pl within 24 hours after the race. After that time, all results will be considered final.