Schedule of the event


7:00 p.m.    Warm-up for 4F Praska Five participants
7:10 p.m.     Transition to start zones of 4F Praska Five
7:30 p.m.    Start of the 4F Praska Five
7:50 p.m.    Warm-up for 4F Praski Half Marathon participants
8:05 p.m.    Transition to start zones
8:25 p.m.    Start of the 4F Praski Half Marathon for disabled participants utilizing wheelchairs
8:30 p.m.    Start of the 4F Praski Half Marathon
9:10 p.m.    Trophy presentation for the winners of the 4F Praska Five
10:30 p.m.    Trophy presentation for the winners of the 4F Praski Half Marathon
10:45 p.m.     Trophy presentation for the winners among the disabled participants of the 4F Praski Half Marathon utilizing wheelchairs with active direct driver (without attachment)
00:30 a.m.    Conclusion of the 4F Praski Half Marathon and 4F Praska Five

The date of 4F Night Praski Half Marathon is not accidental – our run on the attested route for many participants is a general test before the September marathons, so the date of August 31 perfectly fits in the 2019 schedule.

The event schedule for the 6th Night 4F Praski Half Marathon will be published at later date – closer to the event day.