Route of the 7th Adidas Night Praski Half Marathon

At. 8.30 pm from the PGE Narodowy grounds, the runners will start at Zamoyskiego Street., then through a fragment of Jagiellońska Street. to Okrzei Street. get to the Wybrzeże Szczecińskie. Further on, the long and straight Wał Miedzeszyński – ideal to cover the next kilometers at a good pace. Wendehals at the intersection of Wał and Kadetów Strret,and then along Gen. Fieldorfa Street we run into Gocław. The twelfth kilometer is in the vicinity of Lake Balaton, so a turn into gen. Abrahama Street, and then turn right into Bora Komorowskiego Street.

The last kilometers are the charming Saska Kępa. This time through Afrykańska Street and Lizbońska Street, and then continuation of Saska Street to Zwycięzców Street and so liked Francuska Street. Then there is only Roundabout and Aleja Waszyngtona, running from the Poniatowski Bridge to Wybrzeże Szczecińskie, and finally along Zamoście and Sokola streets, returning to Błonia PGE Narodowy, where the finish line and a running town will await.