• 9th Praski Half Marathon
  • 7th September 2024
  • Piątka Praska



    The energy of summer evening, city lights, dynamic music, and above all a fast route that favours life records – that’s what the  participants of the 6th Night 4F Praski Half Marathon will be waiting for. There will be no significant hills or winding streets along the route. There will be numerous music fan zones, five music tunnels and  four  hydration points. And on them and at the finish line thousands of water liters  from Cisowianka – a partner of the 4F Praski Half Marathon.

    Thanks to its unique mineral composition, Cisowianka perfectly hydrates the exhausted body, quenches thirst, and supplements minerals. Sodium content does not exceed 11mg / l, so Cisowianka is ideal for a low sodium diet. The content of magnesium and calcium supplements deficiencies of these elements and supports the proper functioning of the body.

    Cisowianka has always been strongly associated with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. The brand has been supporting the best running, cycling and triathlon events in Poland for many years. The 4F Praski Half Marathon is permanently included in the brand’s calendar.

    Cisowianka is natural mineral water extracted from Nałęczów water bearing layers from depth of almost 70 m below the earth’s surface. The name “Cisowianka” comes from the name of the water intake – the Cisowianka intake, from which this water brand is extracted. The etymology of the intake’s name is associated with the Cisy intake described by Stefan Żeromski in the novel “Ludzie Bezdomni”.

    Interestingly, the Cisowianka brand’s water has been taken from the same intake since its beginning, which undoubtedly distinguishes it from other major producers who extract water from several intakes.

    The producer of Cisowianka is “Nałęczów Zdrój S.A.”

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