• 9th Praski Half Marathon
  • 7th September 2024
  • Piątka Praska



    A half marathon is a distance that requires a proper nutrition strategy for the human body . Proper preparation before the start (glycogen supercompensation) and supplementation during the run contribute greatly to maintaining well-being on the route, the possibility of generating muscle strength, and thus – obtaining a satisfactory time at the competition.

    Therefore, on the run route – exactly on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hydration point (located on 11th, 14th and 18th kilometer respectively), apart from Cisowianka water, you will be able to grab the isotonic drink from the Evervit brand, which is a partner of the 4F Praski Half Marathon.

    However, one should not forget that after crossing the finish line the human body still needs support – it is the most crucial thing to remember 40-60 minutes after the end of the race. This is the time when muscle micro-injuries occurring during the run and muscle glycogen rebuild most effectively. To meet the runners natural needs, Enervit will support each participant with fast regeneration, delivering to the finish line a whole range of protein bars:

    NEW bar- The Protein Deal – provides 20 grams of protein, contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. A bar with a unique taste and structure, significantly different from the traditional protein bars. Free of palm oil and gluten, with low sugar content. Available in three flavors: coconut, cookie and chocolate – vanilla.

    Enervit Power Sport Protein Bar with 26% and 28% of protein content – thanks to the ratio of protein to carbohydrates, it is an excellent choice for a post-workout snack and fast regeneration after a strong start (10-11 g protein and 20 g carbohydrates). The bars contain cornflakes and oatmeal, thanks to which the product is completely gluten-free. The bars are available in chocolate and yogurt – vanilla flavors.

    Enervit Gymline Muscle High Protein Bar with 37% protein content – developed to meet the growing demand for people undertaking intensive physical effort, especially during the training period and after the start. The banana flavoured High Protein Bar 37% bar contains as much as 20 grams of protein, while being a source of vitamin B6 (responsible for proper protein metabolism) as well as pantothenic acid and niacin (contributing to the reduction of chronic fatigue).

    Enervit has prepared a promotional offer for all those registering to participate in this year’s 4F Praski Half Marathon. You can read more about it HERE.

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