• 9th Praski Half Marathon
  • 7th September 2024
  • Piątka Praska



     After three years of being the official technical sponsor, the 4F brand became the title sponsor of the 5th Praski Half Marathon. This year’s edition of our run, which course leads entirely along the right-bank of the capital, will take place on Saturday evening, 1st of September .

     From 2015, we are a technical partner of the Praski Half Marathon. This year, we decided to go one step further and became the title sponsor of the race, replacing BMW. Sport is our passion, part of our DNA. The presence of 4F in the Praski Half Marathon and the Praska Five is a tradition that we will continue in the coming years. It is a great pleasure for us to be able to prepare T-shirts for this race, and every year we try to surprise the participants – I hope that this year, too, our design will appeal to the runners and 4F T-shirts will be visible not only on 1st of September, but also throughout the  season – says Igor Klaja, President of the Board of the OTCF company, owner of the 4F Brand.

    The Polish brand of sports clothing and accessories, which belongs to OTCF company, has been a partner of Praski Half Marathon since its second  edition. For the next three years (2015, 2016 and 2017) it dressed participants of the race in T-shirts which gained popularity not only because of the high quality, but also interesting graphics.  In the last two editions of half maraton an accompanying run 4F Praska Five was organized uder the aegis of the 4F brand. This year both races: 4F Praski Half Marathon and 4F Praska Five will be held under the 4F banner.

    The general direktor of the event, Sławomir Szczęsny, amitted that He appreciates not Orly the stability of the cooperation with the 4F, but above all the passion and love that the company`s representatives have for sport.

    4F is one of the sponsors of the Polish Olympic team, it is a company that is more and more present in the worldwide sport. We are proud that together we will develop the Praski Half Marathon, and what is more import ant in this cooperation is the fact that we share the same passion – said Sławomir Szczęsny.

    On Sunday  (the10th of  June) open 4F trainings started, preparing to the start in the evening 4F Praski Half Marathon and 5 km run. Classes are free and everyone can participate, regardless of the level of training. All this is done so that the runners can fully  exploit the potential of the route.

    A flat route, designed to promote good results, is already the tradition of the Praski Half Marathon. After the extremely positive last year’s comments and the model of the world’s largest events this year, we do not change its course. The route will be exactly like in the 2017 edition. Thanks to this, we give you a chance not only to make your life record but also the opportunity to check your progress. It will be a unique opportunity to test the form and compare it to a year ago. Easy and flat course will also be perfect for a life-record or debut in the half maraton.

    The start of the 5th evening Praski Half Marathon will be located on the illuminated PGE Narodowy, from where  participants will start at 8:30 p.m.and will run into Grochowska street. At the Wiatraczna roundabout they will turn in Al. Waszyngtona, then run through the climatic Saska Kępa (Francuska street and Zwycięzców), then through Saska and Egipska streets they will continue to Gocław. Then they will run, among others next to Balaton Lake, then ul. Fieldorfa street, to Wał Miedzeszyński street. After a relapse at Kadetów street they will run on a wide and flat straight to the Wybrzeże Szczecińskie. The last kilometers are again unique atmosphere of Warsaw’s Praga, including. Zamoyskiego street. The Finishing line and a runners park will again be located on the PGE Narodowy commons.

    Illuminated stadium commons, one Start line but … two Finishing lines. Opposite the halfmarathon finish tere will be the 4F finish of Praska Five – which will be a real treat for fans.

    One hour before the start of halfmarathon (at 7:30 p.pm.) participants of 5km run will take off.  A new, fast and flat course has been prepared for them – also perfect for a life-record or debut. The course will lead from  the PGE Narodowy commons towards Zamoyskiego street. Then it will turn into Jagiellońska street,, then to Stefana Okrzei street., and then to the Wybrzeże Szczecińskie towards the Poniatowski bridge. It will turn back and run along the Wybrzeże Szczecińskie, and then turn into Sokola street, which will lead to Zamoyskiego Street and the Finish line at PGE Narodowy commons – next to Stadion train stadion.

    The participants` limit for the halfmarathon is 10 thousand places, and for the 5 km race – 3 thousand. It is worth to hurry up with the registration (at http://www.polmaratonpraski.pl), as the limit last year was sold out before the event date, and additionally this year the price depends on the order of paid applications.

    Last year, the event was attended by over 10 thousand people. Marcin Chabowski was the fastest  on 21,0975 km route with 01:03:32 result. Dominika Stelmach won among women with the result 01:15:17. In 4F Praska Five the fastest was Łukasz Parszczyński with time 15:18, and among women: Kinga Reda –  achieving 18:40.

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