• 9th Praski Half Marathon
  • 7th September 2024
  • Piątka Praska



    Big night running again in Warsaw – the adidas Praski Half Marathon will take place on September 3!

    The run, famous for its fast route in the aura of summer evening, will be organized this year in cooperation with the adidas brand. Registration has started!

    Records for everyone

    For the seventh time, thousands of people will be able to take the fast and flat route leading through the main arteries of Praga Południe. Warsaw at sunset, a crisp summer evening, the decreasing temperature and a fast route are ideal conditions for running.

    “We set the route so that it promotes good results and personal bests, as it is the tradition of our event. We are preparing a good test for professional runners, but the most important thing is the joy at the finish line for thousands of amateurs who manage to achieve their individual goals. I believe that thanks to the cooperation with adidas, many people will take advantage of this opportunity, because adidas is not only a global sports brand, but also an international running community – adidas Runners”- said Sławomir Szczęsny, event director. 

    “The partnership in the event, which is the Praski Half Marathon offers the opportunity to bring people in sport, regardless of their motivation and goals. We are very pleased with this cooperation and we invite everyone to participate in this unique run”- said Krzysztof Łuczakowski, Sports Marketing Director at adidas.

    Registration takes place via the registration form. The price of the starter pack is determined by the order of registrations ….  and the preferences of runners. The basic price for a half marathon for the first two thousand people is PLN 129. Those who want to enrich the package with the adidas technical t-shirt from the running collection  will pay 189 PLN.

    adidas Runners Praska Five – sports fun for everyone

    Once again, out halfmarathon will be accompanied by the Praska Five, which will be held this year in cooperation with the adidas Runners community. For some, 5 km will be a good test of speed, for others it will be a start of running adventure. Smile and fun will reign here.

    At adidas, everything we do is rooted in sports. It plays an increasingly important role in the lives of more and more people. It is of key importance for culture and society, and is the basis of our health and happiness” recalled Krzysztof Łuczakowski.

    Registration for the Praska Five – here.

    Adidas Runners is a global running community that has been operating in Warsaw since 2017. Everyone, regardless of their sports level or age, can join and take advantage of the publicly available activities. The core consists of daily sports training, conducted by a team of 13 professional trainers and coaches. The range of activities is very wide – from typical running training sessions for experienced runners as well as newcomers, to a whole range of technical and complementary training sessions, to yoga and dance classes. Participation in the training is free of charge, but requires registration in  aplikacji adidas Running.  

    In June, the adidas Runners begin their preparation training for adidas Praski Half Marathon.

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