• 6th 4F Praski Half Marathon
  • 31st August 2019, 8:30 P.M
  • For tired feet… SHEFOOT and MANFOOT products

    For tired feet… SHEFOOT and MANFOOT products

    In the 4F Praski Half Marathon and 4F Praska Five starter packages you will find a gift from the Polish Brand SheFoot – a sample of a soothing gel for tired legs and feet. After all, after running your feet deserve a well-deserved rest and regeneration!

    SheFoot`s tired leg and foot gel soothes, cools and pleasantly relaxes tired or swallen feet and calves. It contains diosmin, hesperidine and chestnut extract, which suport the lymphatic system, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce swelling and pain, especially after physical ef fort. Additionally, moisturizing ingredients (glycerine and panthenol) care for the skin. The gel is immediately absorbed, not leaving sticky marks.

    Additionally, SheFoot and ManFoot will equip 4F Praski Half Marathon participants with an antiperspirant foot cream and a set of cushioning hydrocolloid patches. ManFoot Antiperspirating Foot Cream is designer for the care of men`s feet. It is especially suitable for those who have problems with excesssive sweating or who do sports. The cream nourishes and cares for the skin of your feet while reducing sweating. In this way, it helps to maintain proper hygiene, aslo during physical activity, eliminating unpleasant smell. It contains an antibacterial plant complex, shea butter, vitamin E, avocado and jojoba oils.

    A foam patch created in modern hydrocolloid technology protects against abrasions and fingerprints. You can use it to eliminate pain associated with the formation of blisters on the feet or use it to protect the nipples from abrasions while running over long distances.
    SheFoot and ManFoot are specialized brands of natural, hypoallergenic cosmetics and accessories for daily foot care that do not contain dyes, parabens, PEG, silicones and allergenic substances. Their formulas are designed to be safe for the skin and did not cause allergies, even in the case of sensitive skin – the products have undergone extended dermatological tests among people susceptible to allergies. In 2014, SheFoot cosmetics were awarded with the title Consumer’s Laurel of Discovery of the Year and every year they are appreciated by experts and consumers. And for several months SheFoot and ManFoot products have been successfully winning foreign markets.

    More information on: ManFoot.pl i Shefoot.pl