• 6th 4F Praski Half Marathon
  • 31st August 2019, 8:30 P.M
  • The POMELO diet catering for the participants and volunteers of 4F Praski Half Marathon

    The POMELO diet catering for the participants and volunteers of 4F Praski Half Marathon

    Dietetics consultations, body content measurements and the possibility to try out the exemplary and most importantly healthy dishes – all of this awaits the participants of the 5th Evening 4F Praski Half Marathon at the POMELO stall located in our runner’s town on Saturday night, September 1st, at PGE Narodowy commons. Those that would like to order a runner-dedicated box diet can make use of the 10% discount that we prepared for the participants of the event!

    Diet has a large influence on the effects of running training sessions. It should include a proper amount of calories, be rich in proteins so that muscle tissue regenerates more effectively and it should also provide carbohydrates that resupply muscle glycogen so that muscles remain strong during their intense work. Moreover, do not forget about antioxidants, the bioactive compounds that mainly come from fruit and vegetables, because they protect muscle cells against the attack of harmful free radicals.

    The POMELO Food Company, which is operating in the area of Warsaw and Cracow, was created with those that are active and busy in mind, as well as those that care about their health. The sets offered by the company include products of the highest quality. Every day, dieticians try to make the active menu tasty and light.

    If you need a trainer’s or dietician’s consultation, get in touch with Pomelo. Together you will decide which products you need more, which less, and when you could eat the meals so that your organism makes the most effective use of their benefits at a specific time of the day, keeping your sports results as best as possible.

    POMELO OFFERS A 10% DISCOUNT TO ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THE  4F PRASKI HALF MARATHON AND 4F PRASKA FIVE – to make use of the discount, until the end of November while placing your orders at www.pomelo.com.pl please write the password “5.Praski” in the comments section of the form.

    Our  wonderful group of volunteers will be provided by POMELO with sandwiches so they have enough energy for the whole night!